Watchmaking Tools

Economy Tool Kit

You will need all the tools below to complete a Build Your Own Watch Project. The easiest way to get the right tools is to purchase a complete Watchmaking Tool Kit ($169) from If you already have some of these tools, or can find a substitute tool around your house, you may opt to purchase the rest of the required tools individually. We have carefully selected items that give the best value! We also have a downloadable .pdf of the items you will need, here. In total, if you need everything on this list and buy tools individually, you will pay about $250. The Cas-Ker Economy Watchmaking Tool Kit is a great deal at just $169!

Economy Tool Kit


Swiss Tool Kit

If you have have fallen head over heals for watch assembly and modification then you should consider purchasing a higher quality tool that will last longer. Cas-Ker Co. has assembled a precision watch making tool kit for those looking for higher quality, longer lasting watch making tools. This Tool Kit is primarily comprised of Swiss Made Watchmaking tools by Bergeon and Horotec, the same brands professional watchmakers rely on every day!

Precision Tool Kit


Economy Tools A La Carte

Watchmakers’ Screwdriver Set $11.95

Jumbo JAXA Style Case Wrench $25.95

Brass Tweezers, Pattern AM Non-Magnetic $6.50

Eurotool End Cutter Pliers $11.95

Bergeon Dial Protector $3.25

Hand Presser $24.95

Watch Hand Remover Tool $16.35

Movement Holder $3.95

Pin Pusher Tool $4.25

Watch Cushion 2' $6.50

Movement Holder for Large Watches $15.75

Foredom Diamond Hone, 600 Grit $10.95

Compact Digital Caliper $15.95

Grobet LED Headband Magnifier $19.95

Silicone 7 High Pressure Watch Sealant $7.50

Vigor Super Glue Pen $3.50

Rub-Off Compound $4.25

Rubber Dust Blower $5.95

Moonglow 8” Microfiber Polishing Cloth $4.50